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tt’s Top 21 Vacation Rental Resources  If you are like all the owners and managers on my newsletter, you’re always on the look out for new tools and services to help solve a problem or make more efficient some aspect of your vacation rental business.  And since so many of my subscribers are constantly asking me “Matt, what software did you use to do this?” or “Matt, what tool did you use to record that?” I’ve decided to share all my resources below.  While I always have plenty to recommend, these are only resources that I use myself. Most of them are free! So just share this page using the lock-box below and get access to them all right now_…  Email Management  iContact: There are some bigger and more reputable email services out there, but I’ve also often used iContact and am perfectly happy with it. In fact, this is the provider I use for my newsletter to you all. It’s a bit more expensive but does the trick just fine.  Rapportive: The coolest way to spy on exactly who your prospective guests are, where they live, and what they do for a living. Simply install it and watch on the sidebar of your email (Gmail and Outlook only I believe) the magic happen.  Boomerang: If you ever struggle with following up no-reply guests, this tool will save your life. I have been using it now for about 2 years and although it is free, I would totally pay any price they asked: that’s how awesome Boomerang is.  Hosting  BlueHost: If you’re going to host your website somewhere, do it with BlueHost. They’re pretty much the best in the game at hosting and their customer service is top-notch. [Full disclosure: when you click this link, it gets attributed to my referral account]  GoDaddy: I’ve used GoDaddy too for some of my websites and they do a very efficient and easy job of the URL>website process. Plus there are TONS of tutorials on YouTube that walk beginners through pretty much every single step.  Content Creation  Wordle: If you’ve ever seen one of the word clouds I’ve created, I probably used this tool to create it. It’s free, easy, and pretty darn flexible.  Pressbooks: This is my newest weapon in creating eBooks for you all. It’s new, incredibly simple (literally, publishing your content into the form of an E-Book is no harder than copy/pasting an email) and best of all, it’s free! The creator Hugh is also very customer-oriented.  Flickr: If you’re looking to use stock photos of your region that won’t get you in trouble for copyright infringement, this is the site for you. Just be sure to do your searches using the Creative Commons License (those are photos that the authors don’t mind being distributed).  Video  Camtasia: This is the software that I use to record all my screencast videos. It’s incredibly simple, has versions for both Windows and Mac, and utilizes this simple upload feature so you can put the video on YouTube with one click. Having researched them all, Camtasia is pretty much the gold standard.  Websites  WordPress: It’s no secret that WordPress is the easiest, most straightforward platform on which to build your website. Most DIY vacation rental owners use it (and so do I).  WooThemes: If you have a WordPress website, here is the theme company I use most often. The template for my blog is the Gazette template and I’ve had tons of success with other templates of theirs as well. For like $70 you can get three themes (and they’re all really nicely formatted and easy to use).  WPSharely: I’m pretty sure that this tool was single-handedly responsible for my giant boost in subscribers. It’s the cool little locked-module that requires users to share a page (whatever page you want) via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ in order to unlock the contents.  ThriveThemes: This is the theme I use for my blog and it is by far the best theme I’ve ever purchased with WordPress. Plain and simple.  HelloBar: I love this tool and while I’m not using it at the moment, it is IDEAL for promoting special deals or offers at your rental. In fact, a number of my subscribers are putting it to great use. It shows up in the form of a sexy and sleek orange bar at the top of your site (and there’s a free version).  Online Bookings  ReservationKey: I get asked a lot about which booking system I use and while it’s not the sexiest or most comprehensive, I have been nothing but content with ReservationKey and it’s proprietor, John, who is available around the clock for questions. Cheap, fast, everything you need (nothing you don’t).  InfusionSoft: Folks often ask what CRM platform I use for this blog and the answer is the almighty InfusionSoft. It’s what basically runs “my marketing life” and has quite a steep learning curve (so definitely consult the reps before purchasing).  Press Releases  PRWeb: I’ve used plenty of press release services before but I still seem to get the best results with PRWeb. I’ve even gone as far to visit their offices in Maryland and meet with their president and CFO!  PR.com: Not quite as powerful but still certainly worth a try, especially if you’re new to press releases.  Analytics  Google Analytics: You simply aren’t doing your job if you don’t have Google Analytics installed on your personal website. It’s free, it gives you scientific-like insight into where your guests are coming from, and most importantly, it can be installed with literally the click of a button.  Google Keyword Selector Tool: If you were ever wondering about the demand for vacation rentals in any given market, Google’s keyword selector tool is the best in the bunch. Simply type in your search term and see volume/competition throughout the world.  Zipinion: You’ve probably read my articles about these guys, but if not, Zipinion is a great tool to get feedback about your property from anonymous and unbiased individuals. Great tool, great customer service.  Open Site Explorer: Ever wondered how your competitors are getting all their leads? This tool provides every nitty gritty detail about your competitors’ website free of charge (I think it’s like 5 free searches per day)  Oh and if you have any tools or resources you think I should be using (that’s not listed above) please send them on over! (Please, no self-promoting plugs here.)

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